DeFi loans for the real world, with no money upfront.

Innovative uncollateralized lending.


No Collateral Needed

Anyone can apply for an uncollateralized loan from our decentralized network of banking nodes

Be your own Bank

Anyone can register a Banking Node by bonding BNPL tokens and operating their node with full autonomy

Participate in the Protocol

Anyone can stake BNPL tokens to help secure the protocol, participate in governance and earn rewards

Full Transparency

All participants can see a full transparent and immutable history of all Banking Node activity powered by the Ethereum network

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Initial DEX Offering

BNPL launched with an IDO on the Thorstarter Launchpad on September 14th, followed by a Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) on September 16th


Liquidity Mining

Holders of BNPL and ETH can provide liquidity to the SushiSwap BNPL-ETH Liquidity Pool and stake their LP tokens to earn BNPL rewards in the BNPL LP Farm


PeckShield Smart Contract Audit

DeFi security is paramount, so BNPL Pay have engaged with industry leading cybersecurity firm PeckShield for auditing of the BNPL Smart Contract suite


BNPL Pay V1 App Launch

Fully functioning beta release of the BNPL Pay app built for KYC/Non KYC Banking Nodes, Lenders, Borrowers and Stakers with MetaMask integration and base support for Crypto to Fiat conversion via 3rd party partners


Institution Grade Liquidity

A strategic partnership and integration with a leading institution-grade liquidity network to further bridge CeFi to DeFi for both financial institutions and individuals alike


Cross Chain Support

Integration with other Solidity-based chains to reduce transaction fee friction for our Banking Nodes, borrowers, lenders and stakers


ThorFi Specific Product Release

An exclusive collateralized or collateralized lending product for the ThorFi community with ThorFi asset utility


E-commerce specific functionality

Custom development tools including APIs and SDKs for third party corporates to provide direct point of sale financing (BNPL) services to customers

Recent Developments